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City Bikes for Tourists – New Collaboration with Docomo BikeShare New partnership will see collaboration on the creation and management of a city bicycles rental service for foreign tourists visiting Japan
JapanTravel.com Surpasses 10,000 Members Japan’s largest multi-language travel website, publishing over 500 new articles per month
Reevo x Japan Travel Tie­-Up Creating Japan’s first national rental campervan network for foreign tourists.
'JapanTravel Tours' Released Brand new tour planning and booking destination.
'JapanTravel Questions' Launched JapanTravel announces a new service integrated into its site.
Announcing 'Dateline Tokyo' Inviting foreign journalists to Japan to report on Tokyo worldwide, in colloboration with TMG and FCCJ.
10,000 Articles on JapanTravel.com JapanTravel announces it has surpassed 10,000 articles.
Partnership with AllAbout.co.jp JapanTourist.jp announces collaboration with All About, Inc.

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Nov 2016
Toppan & Japan Travel to Promote Inbound Tourism Leveraging Foreign Thinking Toppan is partnering with Japan Travel to support local governments through new inbound initiatives, including tourist mindset-powered marketing and consulting, to support tourism regions in new ways [日本語].
June 2015
Nara Ambassador Program Commences New project in collaboration with Nara Prefecture, promoting Nara as a premier tourist destination [日本語].
May 2014
Reports on the 10,000 milestone Various web reports on JapanTravel hitting the 10,000 article milestone [日本語].
July 2012
Nikkei Sangyo introduce JapanTravel.com Nikkei Sangyo explain JapanTourist.jp to readers.
Jan 2012
Gifu Regional Partner in Asahi News Asahi News interviews Justin Dart about tourism post-March 11.
Dec 2011
Kanagawa Regional Partner in TownNews TownNews.co.jp interviews Larry Knipfing on JapanTourist Kanagawa


June 2014
JapanTravel on TBS Ippuku JapanTravel experts explain the most popular Tokyo destinations for foreign tourists.
April 2014
JapanTravel Interns on TBS Some of our 2014 interns try traditional Japanese food in a Tokyo izakaya.

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