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Odawara Castle

4.7 (3 Avis)

The Odawara castle was built in the 15th century by Daimyo Hojo Soun. It was demolished in the 19th century by the Meji government. In 1960 the castle..


Hibiya Park

5 (1 Avis)

This large green space just outside the walls of the Imperial Palace is the oldest western-style park in Japan. Opened to the public in 1903, the park..



5 (2 Avis)

Tenryu-ji (天龍寺) is the head temple of the Tenryuji sect of Rinzai Zen Buddhism and was first established by shogun Ashikage Takauji in 1339 to ho..


Odori Park

Odori Park (大通公園) is a 13-block expanse of open space spanning 1.5 kilometers from east to west. The 78,901 square meter park is a year-round si..


Horyuji Temple

5 (1 Avis)

Horyuji (法隆寺) is the oldest temple located in Nara prefecture and was established in the Asuka Period over 1,300 years ago. In December of 1993, ..


Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

5 (3 Avis)

This large green space in the center of Hiroshima was once the thriving political and commercial heart of the city. On August 8th, 1945, the world’s..


Le Jardin Hama-Rikyû

3.5 (2 Avis)

Explorez le plus attrayant et le plus historique des jardins paysagers de Tokyo, avec pour toile de fond les hautes tours de bétons du quartier de Shiodome...