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A French Bulldog & Cherry Blossoms

Video: Cherry blossoms with Bruno, my French bulldog!

Par Reynald Ventura   29 mars 2018

A French Bulldog and the Cherry Blossoms

Not all cherry blossoms are created equal. Some are darker pink, others are lighter ones. There may be a hundred and one shades of pink among the sakura in Japan. Some have five petals; others have more than a dozen. Some cherry blossoms ‘look up’ to heaven, others ‘look down’ to earth. Some ‘weep’ and some ‘rejoice.’ Looking up to heaven or looking down to earth, well at least they are equal in the eyes of the gods and dogs.

The other day, I went for a walk with Bruno, my dog, to Hongodai Yonchome Dai-ni Park (本郷台四丁目第二公園). Of course he doesn’t care about cherry blossoms; he’s only interested in pretty poodles and Chihuahuas. The ‘rejoicing’ someiyoshino and the ‘weeping’ shidarezakura were preparing themselves to full blossoming. The 4030㎡-park is a great place to have a picnic.

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Hongodai Yonchome Dai-ni Park (本郷台四丁目第二公園) is an 18 minute walk from JR Hongodai Station. The distance is 1.1 kilometer. From Miharashi Bashi Bus Stop (Enoden), it takes two-minutes on foot.

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