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Yamato was originally the area around today's Sakurai City in Nara prefecture. Yamato was an ancient province that gained great power around the 6th century and established the Imperial court in Yamato Province.

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Tanzan Jinja

Vivid colors on a blue sky, the Tanzan jinja shrine is well-known for its dazzling maple trees in autumn and its bright sakuras in spring. It is also the historical scene of an essential episode of the Japanese history, the Taika reforms.

Tanzan Shrine in Nara

With it's unique 16th century 13-story pagoda and many other beautiful and historic buildings, a mountaintop location and lots of deciduous trees that erupt into riotous color in the fall, Tanzan Shrine might be the most beautiful mountain Shrine in Japan

Rice Terrace Villa Sasayuri-ann

An ancient paradise beyond memory, Sasayuri-Ann in Nara Prefecture is the perfect combination of Japaneses style and luxurious accommodation. This antique home stay true to its Japanese heritage yet contains every modern convenience and luxury necessary for the perfect getaway. 

Peony Gardens in Hase-dera, Nara

Peony Gardens in Hase-dera, Nara: I enjoyed each of the Nobori-ro Corridors 399 steps that invited me up, up, up into the holy precincts. Fields alongside the stone steps are ablaze with 7000 peonies.