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Savor Japan

Regional areas where you can enjoy the best of Japanese dining and discover things related to foods, are certified as “Savor Japan” by the Minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

Savor Japan certification is designed to draw attention to the local brand that come from the numerous farming, mountain and fishing villages throughout Japan where food is a way of life, and lead to an increase in interpersonal exchanges through a deeper discovery of Japanese cuisine and the enjoyment of unforgettable experiences in authentic Japanese food culture.

Savor Japan Map

Rethinking Tradition in Tokachi

Japanese washoku cuisine is no fixed feast

Experiencing the Spirit of Washoku in Ichinoseki

Food to be savored with all the senses

Celebrating the Freedom of Restraint in Tsuruoka

Savoring devotion to truly local cuisine

Finding Culinary Treasures Along the Maze River

There’s more than meets the eye

Keeping Culture Alive and Dynamic in Nishi-Awa

Adapting to changing times in the mountains