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  3. Compensation
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  7. Attribution / Photo Policy
  8. JapanTravel encourages other website operators and distributors of electronic text to include links to original JapanTravel articles and websites. For persistent links, we request the courtesy of a notice prior to doing so. When crediting specific articles, please use the following format:

    Photo credit: “Photo by <Member name>, <article link OR www.japantravel.com>”

    Article credit: “Credit: <Member name>, <article link OR www.japantravel.com>”

  9. Commercial Use
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    Japan Travel KK - Marketing Department
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  17. Site Management
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    Since we are specifically a website about travel to Japan and have historically committed not to take any stance over non-travel events and issues, we ask for your cooperation in respecting our desire for neutrality and to post your political views on other more appropriate fora.

    If you feel the need to comment about politically sensitive issues, please do not post those views here as they are not relevant for a travel site. Neutrality does not mean we support ignorance, and we encourage you to visit other Japan-specific sites that do accept open-topic reader comments.

  19. Non-liability Statement
  20. In no event shall JapanTravel be liable for any of the damages listed below or any other damage that might be caused by the use of this site.

    (1) Any damage that might be caused by information contained on the site, as well as any damage caused by the changing or deletion of that information, or any damage caused by the interruption or discontinuation of the operation of the site.

    (2) Any damage caused by data, information, views, opinions, and recommendations by JapanTravel staff, contributors or other individuals or companies provided in any JapanTravel media channel.

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  24. For more information on how we protect personally identifiable information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

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