Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach

Pray for a successful love life to the god of love!

The Daffodil Shrine is the last curious thing I found on Echizen Beach. This shrine stands at the entrance to a small cave at the foot of the hill facing the beach. It enshrines the deity of love, 'Aizen Myo-O', a red-skinned god who has a fearsome appearance with flaming wild hair representing suppressed lust and passion. According to the sign at the shrine, if you offer prayer here, you'll have successful love relationships or happy marriages, peace at home, and even longevity! Oh no, I was too busy taking photos and forgot to pray! The shrine was probably named after the famous daffodil flowers here, which bloom in mid winter and cover the entire hillside of Echizen Beach.

Echizen Beach Series 1. Echizen Beach in Early Autumn 2. Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach 3. Kannon Shrine in a Seaside Cave 4. Kocho Gate & Guano Rock 5. Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach 6. Echizen Cape Observation Deck

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