Echizen Beach in Early Autumn

Clear water of Japan Sea under the blue sky

In mid October this year, I visited Echizen Beach for the first time in my life. Up until then, biased reports had left me an impression of a dark, stormy, ominous beach on the Japan Sea coast. However my impression was proven wrong when I saw it with my own eyes. The water of the Echizen Beach that I saw was blue, bright and sparkling! Later, I found out that many people from Kansai Region come to swim at this beach, or to dive in the clear water (there are some good diving spots here). It's also known among fishermen as a good fishing spot. I don't fish, but just looking at them fishing from precarious jagged rocks was interesting! Echizen Beach Series 1. Echizen Beach in Early Autumn 2. Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach 3. Kannon Shrine in a Seaside Cave 4. Kocho Gate & Guano Rock 5. Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach 6. Echizen Cape Observation Deck

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