Kocho Gate & Guano Rock

Two rocky seaside tourist attractions formed by nature

Tojinbo Cliff is not the only tourist attraction on Echizen Beach. There are other, interesting features here, including Kocho Gate and Guano Rock. Guano Rock, in Japanese 'Tori Kuso Iwa', is a 100-meter-high cliff which has been turned white due to guano. Kocho Gate, which literally means 'Inviting Birds Gate', is a natural rock eroded by winds and waves into a shape of a gate. This area is included in Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park, and famous for magnificent views of the rocky shore of Echizen Beach.

Echizen Beach Series 1. Echizen Beach in Early Autumn 2. Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach 3. Kannon Shrine in a Seaside Cave 4. Kocho Gate & Guano Rock 5. Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach 6. Echizen Cape Observation Deck

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