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Milk Festival in Shihoro

Celebrating all things dairy in Hokkaido

Lieu: Road Station Pier 21 Shihoro Date: Sunday - Jul 9th 2023

Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido has a strong connection to the agricultural industry, and the town of Shihiro is one part of the prefecture which is built around this. Located at the northern part of the Tokachi Plain, the town's flat surroundings provide an ideal environment for raising cattle, and dairy products are one of Shihiro's biggest exports.

Photo présentée par Imu Co., Ltd.

The Milk Festival in Shihiro is a celebration of this, and it's set to include a variety of fun activities for attendees to enjoy. One of the highlights is set to be the market stalls filled with dairy-based products – there will be around 30 businesses taking part, selling everything from cheese-topped curry to locally made yogurt. There will also be the opportunity to meet baby calves, a pizza making class (300 yen participation fee), and live music performances.

Admission to the event itself is free, but bring yen if you plan on making a purchase.

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The event takes place at Road Station Pier 21 Shihoro.

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