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Shonan Marketta

A fun, food-based festival in Kanagawa

Lieu: Shonan T-SITE Date: Jul 1st - Jul 2nd 2023

The coastal region of Shonan in Kanagawa Prefecture is a great place for a weekend getaway from Tokyo, and if you need a little more impetus to visit this July, the Shonan Marketta is taking place on the 1st and 2nd of the month.

Photo présentée par Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. (Tsutaya Bookstore, Tsutaya Home Appliances, T-SITE)

The event is set to include over two dozen stalls selling a variety of tasty treats, including croffles (croissant/waffle hybrids), all-beef hamburgers, crepes, and more.

Please note that while some businesses will be present for both days of the event, others are only attending for one day. The official website has a listing of all participating businesses and whether they will be there on the Saturday, Sunday, or both. In addition, the event may be cancelled or postponed in the case of rain.

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Shonan T-SITE is located a 5 minute taxi ride (or just under 20 minutes on foot) from Honkugenuma Station, which is served by the Odakyu Enoshima Line.

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