Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach

God of safe sailing and successful fishing

When we visited Echizen Beach in mid October, we stopped our car at a picturesque port with some beautiful rocks on the beach. On the jagged rocks, there was a very small shrine. Later, I learned that it's called 'Echizen Ebisu Shrine', which was founded in 1708 as a guardian god to watch over the safe sailing of boats that sail from Umeura Port located next to the shrine. Also, the shrine is a place to pray for successful fishing and business in general. Despite its small size, it's been here for a long time ensuring the well-being of the local people, and loved by them in return.

Echizen Beach Series 1. Echizen Beach in Early Autumn 2. Ebisu Shrine on Echizen Beach 3. Kannon Shrine in a Seaside Cave 4. Kocho Gate & Guano Rock 5. Daffodil Shrine at Echizen Beach 6. Echizen Cape Observation Deck

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