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Aipaku Ice Cream Expo 2022

Get through the dog days of summer with an icy treat

Lieu: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building (Sankaku Hiroba Atrium) Date: Early - Mid Aug 2022

There are many ways to combat the heat and humidity of Japan's summer months, and cooling off with an icy treat is just one of them. The Aipaku Ice Cream Expo embraces that train of thought, and the week-long event will include a variety of ice creams, shaved ice, and gelato on offer from all across Japan.

Photo présentée par 株式会社アイスクリーム・ラバー

The event takes place at the Shinjuku Sumitomo Building's Sankaku Hiroba Atrium, and visitors are encouraged to wear yukata to really enhance those summer festival vibes. Along with the array of cold goodies to choose from, there will also be apparel from the "Cup or Cone" brand available for purchase, plus cold bags with dry ice if you'd like to take some ice cream home with you.

Admission to the event itself is free, but bring yen for your icy treat purchases.

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The Shinjuku Sumitomo Building's Sankaku Hiroba Atrium can be accessed in just a minute on foot from Tochomae Station, or around 10 minutes on foot from Shinjuku Station.

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